Aarti Gupta

Madhya Pradesh



Lingua Voce Educational Social Welfare Society

Vision Statement

The vision statement of our project is to make every one capable to earn for their livelyhood by making them skilled. "Ashrit Nahi Saksham Bharat".

Project Details

Our project is started with an objective of providing quality education to the children who are being neglected in the society and to provide training to teachers in rural areas so that they can deliver the same to the children also. We hope that we will be able to contribute in the upliftment of the society.

Focus area of project

Education and Skill building

Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Experimenting / Pilot stage; Stabilising

Aims to eradicating poverty

I think Everybody has right to live a healthy and happy life. We all should help each other for the same.

Current impact of the project

Pleople are really appreciating the work and skilled based language training to teachers and children.

Proposed impact in future

We would like to create the impact through more such type of projects which has been done in past and organizing sessions on health issues, physical fitness etc. on regular basis.