Sahil Shukla

City of London

United Kingdom


Snaxchange ltd

Vision Statement

One day all food items will be a part of an ecosystem, that brings down food wastage to zero percent

Project Details

SNAXCHANGE is an online community marketplace for you to help reduce food wastage. You can sell purchased food and beverages at a discounted rate to buyers or simply donate food for the ones in need. Whether you Buy or say Bye to Food, Happiness and Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Focus area of project

Any other

Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Firmed up the idea and rolled out in a small way

Aims to eradicating poverty

We believe that Food wastage is one of the main issues facing the world today. Using Snaxchange, Users can gain access to cheaper food and beverage items, helping them better manage their expenses.

Current impact of the project

UK wastes 5 Million tonnes of Food worth billions each year. We wish to help reduce this wastage, by promoting a three tier consumption ecosystem.

Proposed impact in future

We at Snaxchange aim to tackle the challenge of reducing food wastage. We understand that one of the root causes for inefficient and untimely consumption of food is an improper demand forecast for food and beverages by consumers. Moreover, the increasing social commitments and busy work schedules further affects the food and beverage consumption patterns at home. To add, the pressure on Food Services/Hospitality/Restaurants to sell fresh food often compels them to dump loads of fresh and good to eat food and beverages into waste. By providing an online platform, Snaxchange enables users to sell food and beverages purchased from Superstores and Corner shops at a discounted rate to users willing to buy them at a discounted rate ahead of the ‘best before’ date. The seller will thus recover some of the expenses on food and beverages as an alternative to dumping food and beverages as waste. Moreover, the buyer will get food and beverages at discounted rates for immediate consumption. To add, all food items and beverages which cannot be sold by the stipulated ‘best before’ date will be passed on to Food Banks of partnering NPOs at no or minimal costs just before the immediate expiry date for immediate consumption. This will provide a three-tier consumption ecosystem, providing three opportunities for each food item to be consumed: first by the primary consumer who bought it from the Superstore or the Corner Shop, second by the Secondary Consumer who bought it from the Primary Consumer via Snaxchange and, third by the tertiary consumers who would source food from Food Banks of Partnering Charitable Organisations that receive donated food from Primary Consumers. This will create an ecosystem that will ensure efficient food consumption and minimise food and beverage wastage. Further, by ensuring that only packaged and sealed food items and beverages are sold via the platform, health and safety of buyers will be ensured. The financial transaction will be completed via the Snaxchange system only after the buyer confirms that the sold items are of desirable and advertised quality and quantity. We at Snaxchange are excited about this initiative and invite you to join us in this movement against food wastage.