Abhijit Nikhade




World Economic Forum

Vision Statement

• Provide Detroit residents a platform to voice their challenges • Conduct more effective community engagement by reaching more residents and getting real-time feedback in less time • Breaking down barriers from decades of segregation between local educational institutions and the city of Detroit (most of the state’s leading schools have satellite offices in Detroit but their main campuses are located outside the city) • Aggregate community engagement with national data sources to provide a balanced summary of challenges our city faces in bite-size, easily digestible pieces; creating a reliable and easy to use platform for educators, students, industry leaders, philanthropic organizations and local government to develop, advocate and support thoughtful solutions • Develop and implement a framework for using ongoing community engagement and design thinking to address our city’s most crucial social and economic issues and ensure solutions are being developed with, not for, our community

Project Details

While Detroit is experiencing increasing investment, rapid redevelopment, and an unprecedented resurgence, the “tale of two cities” narrative dilutes the notion of our city’s success. The benefits from economic growth are significantly concentrated amongst certain geographic areas and specific populations, leaving the majority of Detroiters largely unaffected, if not negatively impacted by rising costs and displacement as a result of gentrification. Decades of institutional racism have yielded an infrastructure that naturally segregates and prevents largely minority populations from accessing the benefits afforded to other residents currently benefitting from the city’s growth.

Focus area of project

Livelihood and Enterprise

Stage of your work in poverty eradication

Have a specific idea but not started working on it yet

Aims to eradicating poverty

I truly believe in eradicating poverty from its core. I am a huge advocate of the SDGs defined by the UN to tackle all 17 goals by 2030 in complete or some of its form. I would like to see more equitable society where people will live in equality.

Current impact of the project

• Thoughtful solutions developed through a strategic partnership of city residents and leading educational institutions • Instant access to a platform where residents’ voices and challenges can be shared • Connect residents’ voices to key decision-makers at educational institutions, industry leaders (job creators + funders) and government (policy makers)

Proposed impact in future

Based on our combined work experience, community projects, and history working with local leaders, neighborhood groups and other stakeholders, I feel confident in our understanding of local challenges. We will plan to have strategic engagement with the local governing body to resolve the issues and potentially connect with educational institutes for innovative approaches.